Inter Express Freight has extensive experience in freight forwarding.

Our long practical experience has shown us that customers are most important to us. The company is with highly motivated and ambitious team of people who know that the quality of our services must be on the level and required quality, such as you deserve.


Our credo is that the client is above all. Our main goal is to satisfy all its requirements for transporting.

We offer flexible logistics solutions for your business to almost anywhere in the world. We have reliable partners worldwide and we can offer you various solutions to suit your needs. Employees of Inter Express Freight are responsible and we can have confidence that your goods will arrive on the agreed time and at the agreed price.

Value system is the foundation of everything we do and give the appearance of all our services. Fundamental values that underpin our business are:

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility


Our team consists of a group of excellent professionals in the field of international transport who coordinate the shipping services provided to our customers and our work with external carriers. We have our own auto fleet which supports our main operations, i.e. our Freight Shipping services, but through our contacts and partnerships with numerous transport companies based in Bulgaria and abroad, we are able to respond to any request you may have involving shipping and transportation of freights, and to offer very competitive prices.


We provide a whole cluster of additional services, such as the mandatory full LEZ (Low Emission Zone) registration in London, coverage for paid zones in downtown London (Congestion Zone), registration, maintenance, and payment of daily road fees to the UK Government platform for highway and bridge tolls, booking of France-England-France ferries, advice on the hazards of illegal transportation of immigrants and how to avoid them, and preparation of documents for the avoidance of any fines in the event of immigrants riding illegally onboard the vehicle. Preparation of the documents for the border police authorities in the event of immigrants riding illegally onboard the vehicle.


Our company specialises in the provision of shipping services using its own vehicles which are available to our customers for road transport from and to any point in Europe and Turkey. All our motor vehicles are quipped with a GPS system allowing for 24/7 tracking of your freight. You can get information about the location of the vehicle which is carrying your freight over its entire journey.

We own a fleet of different kinds of trucks and heavy goods vehicles:

  • Trucks with semi-trailers: Dimensions L 13,60; W 2,48; H 2.70 m;
  • Mega trailers: Dimensions L 13,60; W 2,48; H 3.00 m;
  • Hangers: Dimensions L 7,70; W 2,48; H 2.90 m + L 7,70; W 2,48; H 3.10 m;
  • Solo vehicles: Dimensions L 6,50; W 2,48; H 2.40 m;
  • Solo vehicles: Dimensions L 9,50; W 2,48; H 2.80 m;
  • Vans: Dimensions L 4,15; W 2,15; H 2.20 m;
  • Special vehicles for transportation of clothing on hangers